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Company / Individual NameCompany LogoDescription
Ausante Group LimitedAusante is an environmental technology supplier with global presence is interested in ACS market for their projects
Green Deeds Pvt.Ltd.GreenDeeds is a research, consulting, auditing and capacity building firm in areas of quality and environmental projects. GreenDeeds express its interest to support research in climate change adoption and encourages ACS
WeCompli India Pvt.Ltd.WeCompli India Pvt.Ltd. a consulting company dealing with renewable energy technologies and climate change project management likes to take an association with ACS as consultant for carbon projects
World Force UK.Ltd.World-Force UK Ltd is an online marketing and consultancy company whose main focus is in the fields of the environment and health industries. our objective is to offer first class products and services that provide a true benefit to our clients. We support ACS
Dr. Lixin LiPh.D, in Thermo-physics, working as Technical Director in Guangdong Zhongyu Technology Development. Co. Ltd. having 17 years of technical research expertise in energy, climate change and environmental projects, supports the ACS concepts and integrity
Praveen N.UrsMaster Graduate in Environmental Science, having 14 years of technical expertise in climate change projects, climate policy, environmental financing, sustainability development, research in economics, climate negotiations, management certifications and state govt. emplaned auditor for natural resource management, supports the motivation of ACS and its strategy
Ms. Kamala Devi MuniandyApplied Chemistry Graduate from UK, having 25 years of experience as technical expert and QA in chemical manufacturing, climate change adoption, express her support towards the ACS as one stop for multiple solutions
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