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Carbon Coin Overview – Asian Carbon Standard


CarbonCoin, is a cryptocurrency created for to fight against Climate Change and introduced by Asian Carbon Standard (ACS).

The purchase of carbon coins will be a sectoral investment fund focused by the buyer to invest in the climate change market.

ACS has its own Climate change projects which are validated, verified, star rated by independent entities which include leading certification agencies.

ACS has launched its “CO2” coupon sales, that will allow buyers to sell their coupons and users to perceive a percentage of benefits of the organization.

CarbonCoin provides a unique mechanism which allows any individual of the plant earth to participate and join hands in fighting against climate change which presently are only focused by govt. /private/ public organizations.

The individual gets their opportunity to invest on different sectors where their feel strong hands to fight the climate change. These investments will go to projects which gets good star rating under ACS and the individual will get their profit dividend by the sale of the project credits.

We will provide investment, advice and block-chain guidance to the companies we participate and to those projects which contribute to social economy and gain high star ratings and gets good sale value, intern benefiting the investors

CarbonCoin helps a gateway for investors to invest in projects that can achieve high star rating under ACS regulations mitigating CO2 and also gain a good sale value. These contributions will sustain the future of green projects fighting climate change and globally creating asset and investment benefits towards themselves and the environment for the future generation.

ACS – CarbonCoin stands tall in the market, because it has its own project registry, trading portal, investors, project developers, consultants, independent entities, research associates and policy makers, where projects don’t depend on other markets.

The investor can invest/contribute any amount any amount and the profits are paid back annually. ACS website and mobile application will be the home to check updates on the investment. Each CarbonCoin is equal to one CO2 emission reduction.

CarbonCoin provides investors an investment option for five category of climate mitigation projects – 1) Renewable Energy 2) Energy Efficiency from products & process 3) Forestry 4) Agriculture 5) Carbon Capture.


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