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ACS Profile – Asian Carbon Standard

Our Mission

Days will come where the living standard will be balanced to same through all nations. We cannot challenge or restrict growth of any region, community


Our Principals

ACS is a global voluntary GHG standard that aims to provide recognition towards real action and promote easy funding and trading platform. To be eligible


Our Key Focus

Our key focus is for the projects that reduce GHG emissions. Natural power utilization projects Hydro, Wind, Solar, Geo-thermal and Tidal power plants


Other Focus

Our other focus is for the projects that provide community development. Improve in living standard of local community, Reduction of poverty, Community

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ACS Profile (Who we are and What we aim)

The Asian Carbon Standard Association is a NGO with international partners and members with unique commitment towards Climate Change, Environmental

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Motivation For ACSA

A global development with flourishing consumer market, rapidly increase of resource requirement and a rising political powers and differential opinions have left less focus on to

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