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ACS Mechanism – Asian Carbon Standard


ACS Standard

Establishes rules, procedure, regulation and requirements that must be met for any new or transfer of project or program to get registered and certified under ACS framework. ACS Standard will constantly update to the global climate change policies and requirements enabling wider contribution and commitment to safeguard the interest of business + environment.

  • Member collaborations
  • Project development information
  • Registration and issuance guidelines
  • Registration requirements
  • Trading principals
  • Application of Forms and formats
  • Fee structure

Member Registration

ACS brings in access of membership for different type of users ensuring their roles and commitment for success of emission reduction project handling at different flow levels.

Registration and renewal of membership: Obtain rights of project development, independent auditing, consultation, technology transfer, ACU trading and system supporting.

Project Development

Ensures that stand alone projects or group of micro or small projects grouped to form programs apply valid and approved methodologies and tools from other market standards or ACS approved tools and methodologies and meet the requirements of ACS standard. Ensure the project reports are developed appropriately through consultant or self expertise.

  • Registration of consultants: Develop project report for registration and/or issuance.
  • Project development: Establish baseline, calculate emission reductions, monitoring requirements, showcase additionality, sustainability and social responsibility.

Validation & Verification

Ensure the developed project undergo review from ACS approved independent auditing firms.

  • Registration of independent auditing firms: Provide validation and verification services with independent opinion.
  • Registration and issuance process: Show transparency of project to public, independent review, avoid double counting.
  • Submission to ACS Technical Board for review and approval.


ACS provide platform for trading ACU through bidding process and complete transparency.

  • Accumulating ACU’s from project
  • Price bidding and trade negotiations
  • Trading the ACU

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